It is primarily an increase in demand which means that we need to expand the production of masts and luminaires but also gain access to larger and more efficient warehouse space says Rikard Carlen, CEO of STRIHL. Robotic Welding plant will be doubled and additional production for luminaires will be started up. The new production line for luminaires are primarily focused on LED street lighting luminaires. With the new opportunities we will have the capacity to adapt lighting fixtures for specific projects without having an impact on delivery times. Our development and design department will have more space and capacity to work more effectively with development, construction and design. Furthermore, our quality work is further improved by using the opportunities for testing that we will now have access to. With access to the increased capacity, our delivery times despite greater demand will be rapid and with the extended luminaire line we will be able to equip our products with customer-specific components and solutions. Overall, the current surface will be five times larger and we expect that the construction is finished after the summer says Rikard Carlen.

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