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STRIHL Scandinavia is a Swedish manufacturer and supplier of professional lighting solutions located in Kungsbacka.
Over 80 nordic municipalitys have already chosen us as their partner and supplier.

The company had a revenue of 60.5 million SEK in 2018.
In total, we are 19 employees in Sweden, Finland, Poland and China.

In 2019 we became part of the Indutrade Group.
A strong growing international industrial group that in 2018 had a revenue of 16.9 billion SEK.

We provide lighting solutions for roads and streets, public spaces, large areas, sports and excercise, exterior and interior.

We are in control of the whole production chain.
Headquarter, production facility and warehouse - all in one location.
This is where lighting design, sales, production, product development and inventory management take place.

Our large warehouse capacity ensures the best delivery security the industry.
60.000 luminaires is shipped out every year.

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